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What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is one of the principal Internet marketing strategies carried out to gain exposure and improve the impact of websites’ content.

Search Engine Optimisation aims to get traffic from search engines in a free and organic manner. Thus, SEO doesn’t pay for ads. Achieving a high rank within search engines requires a high understanding of the principal search engines. Also, guarantee that your website would be present within the first page of search results requires the intervention of a professional Internet Marketing agency. Google, Yahoo or Bing will only display your website if they believe that your content is relevant, thus you need to be certain that your website match their criteria.

Search engines will measure relevance of your business in relation with the user’s search by analysing your website: its content, structure and networking. Consequently a SEO campaign needs to consider how search engines work, target your audience, select the appropriated key words that fits with your company and the services you offer, and match with your target audience searches.

SEO is a fierce and long distance run. Optimise a website requires editing its content, highlighting the appropriated key words and increasing the efficiency of the website code to improve the indexation of search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation is key. Obtaining a first page position within search engines is essential for your business in order to take advantage of the Internet market. Achieving and maintaining a pole position is a challenging and very specialised work that our experienced team of professionals can do for your business.